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Excerpts from the book:

The Reverence For Life program under Mr. Green was introduced into GP and quickly became the institution's beacon of light.  'One Love, One Unity and One Harmony' for the benefit of the individual was promoted as the main message.

Now I see that I wasted those golden years...

As my name spread throughout the football world, I also became popular with the girls.  Everybody wanted to be associated with me, as if some of the glitter would rub off on him or her.

If I had my life to live over, I would do a lot of things differently.

I would have stretched up to my fullest potential and lived my dream.

"Young man straighten yuh corner an hold yuh freedom"

I spent almost twent-two years inside the institution before being paroled on the 5th of April, 2004.  I went in at nineteen and came out at the age of forty-one.

This made me feel sad , also I was a little embarrassed...

In the long run I took odd jobs as a lavorer when they were available

Don't let down your guards for one minute

and don't let people with bad intentions use you for their conveniences.

The Reverence For Life organization

This organization was directly responsible for the peace and unity that eventually became the predominant culture in GP.  GP was quickly transformed into a culture where life was valued and where men were involved in cultivating the best in themselves.

A sixth sense was saying to me:

"This is not your type of life.  You don't need this.  You can live without this type of excitement."  But because I was so heavily involved, it was hard to come out.

I remember some incidents...

where other guys that were with us lost their lives but I was one of the lucky ones that came back without a scratch.

My infatuation with girls grew and this became another droawing card for me in my circle.



I was fortunate to get a second chance.

My advice to all those who will come after me, to all the children of Jamaica and to children of the world in general is:  Don't follow wrong doing.  Crime and violence is not the right way to go, it can only lead to prison or worse.